Welcome! My name is Donna, ‘The Curl Next Door’. 

This is my Information Page for all the services I offer.

I follow ‘The Curly Girl Method’ by Lorraine Massey and am CurlyWorld trained, by Lorraine Massey herself in 2019.

That's me in the photo above, when I was just a curl next door, 'curling it forward' through curl lessons and workshops.

Now I do so much more, all with an aim to build a curl infrastructure in NZ to serve curlfriends now and the next generation of curls to come. 

I do Curl Cuts, Curl Lessons & Curl Workshops ~~ Own and run the online shop Curls Naturally stocking high quality, internationally-trusted, curl-friendly products ~~ Provide Stylist Curl Education Workshops ~~ Run a Directory of Curl Specialists in NZ ~~ Promote fellow Curl Specialists and Curl-Friendly Salons ~~ and Proudly serve like-minded salons as the official Wholesaler of 'Clever Curl' & 'EverEscents' in NZ.

Please see Befores & Afters of some of my work on my Facebook Page and take some time to read the pinned post at the top of that page, or find me on Instagram @donna_thecurlnextdoor and follow my journey there.

Everything written here is the result of time, passion, commitment and hard-work spent understanding the world of true-blue curl specialists of the kind that curlies outside of NZ thus far had been able to enjoy the services of. Please respect this and do not copy or reproduce at will. 

I'm passionate about curls and about making curly life better for NZ curlies.

I'm connected with curl specialists around the world who are trusted by the massive online curl community globally and who offer training in this niche, and have a strong connection to the curl community in Australia. My over-arching goal is to see a curl revolution of the highest calibre in NZ! 


Hi curlfriend! Please know that if I could, I would duplicate myself to be everywhere!

JANUARY 2021 until my studio is built and ready to open (eta mid March, awaiting salon furniture from Australia) 
New client enquiries - please email, or message me through Facebook. We will need to do the appmt in your home or accommodation.
Return client bookings - please contact me for your booking. 
Stylist enquiries - please email me 
at thecurlnextdoor dot nz at gee mail dot com.


NB; All new client appointments begin with an initial consulation (photo of your hair front, sides and back is required and completely confidential) by messaging or emailing me at thecurlnextdoor dot nz at gee mail dot com. All enquiries are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

NB; If you are an existing client of any of the Curl Specialists listed in the Curl Specialists in NZ Directory (who are there because they have received up-to-date curl specialist training known and trusted by the global online networks of curl specialists and curlies alike) it is my aim to support them and my strong preference that you support them also. 

NB: Please take the time to read what the various components of my appointments are (see the grey banner heading below).

1) NEW CLIENT 'Curl Cut & Curl Lesson'

This is a full and complete Curl Specialist service based on the practises of curl specialists around the globe.

It will empower, educate and encourage you on your curl journey.

It involves:
Curl Chat
Curl Cut
Curl Detox/Treatment
Curl Lesson
Cleansing, Hydration, Styling & Drying
2 Samples or 1 x Free Shipping Code
Personalised Lesson Summary
Product Recommendations 

All new clients wishing to have their hair cut by me must be booking into this appointment.
(The only exceptions are if you've either had a Curl Lesson with me or attended one of my Curl Workshop Intensives or feel you have a significant handle on your curls and are doing the Curly Girl Method successfully for some time now, therefore need no Curl Lesson component at all. If this is the case you will be able to book a RETURN CLIENT appointment at my discretion).    

Allow 3-3.5 hours

$160 - $195
The cost depends entirely on time required for the cut and whether it is an appointment for which I have needed to travel for.
Also, you may only need the tiniest of trims or you may desire a shape transformation, and this is factored in to the cost. 

If you are local in the NP area, please contact me to begin your consultation. 
If you are outside of Taranaki please watch my Facebook page for travel announcements and contact me to begin your consultation. 

(This is not a substitute for a stylist education session for hair professionals)


2) RETURN CLIENT 'Curl Cut, Cleansing, Hydration, Styling & Drying'

You relax, I get to play, and you get date-night-ready curls.

It involves:
Curl Chat
Curl Cut
Cleansing, Hydrating, Styling & Drying

There is no tuition component in this appointment as it is expected that you are a return client who's already been implementing techniques and product recommendations from your first New Client appointment, your Curl Lesson or Curl Workshop.

Allow 1-2 hours

$120 - $195

If you are local in the NP area, please contact me to begin your consultation. 
If you are outside of Taranaki please watch my Facebook page for travel announcements and contact me to begin your consultation.

(This is not a substitute for a stylist education session for hair professionals)


3) RETURN CLIENT 'Curl Cut Express'

Know how to manage your curls for cleansing, hydrating, styling and drying? Been to me for a cut before?
Perfect, let's a have a catch-up Curl Chat and get those locks trimmed or reshaped! 

It involves:
Curl Chat
Curl Cut
Basic refresh from my Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

There is no tuition component in this appointment as it's expected that you're a return client who's already been implementing techniques and product recommendations from your first New Client appointment, your Curl Lesson or Curl Workshop.

Allow 1-1.5 hours

$60 - $130

The cost depends entirely on time required for the cut and whether it is an appointment for which I have needed to travel for. You may only need the tiniest of trims if you are growing your hair.

If you are local in the NP area, please contact me to begin your consultation. 
If you are outside of Taranaki please watch my Facebook page for travel announcements and contact me to begin your consultation.

(This is not a substitute for a stylist education session for hair professionals)


4) 'Curl Lesson'

You're either new to your new curly life and wanting to put down the straighteners for good, but need to know what to do.

Or, you've been doing your best with your curls for a while now, but feel like you need some more ideas and help...

It involves:
Curl Chat
Curl Detox/Treatment
Curl Lesson
Cleansing, Hydration, Styling & Drying
Personalised Lesson Summary
Product Recommendations

Allow 2 hours

$160 ($40 redeemable on product) for one person
$100 ($15 redeemable on product) each, if two people are attending

If you are local in the NP area, please contact me to begin your consultation. 
If you are outside of Taranaki please watch my Facebook page for travel announcements and contact me to begin your consultation.

(This is not a substitute for a stylist education session and is not available for hair-professionals/apprentices.)


5) 'Curly Hair Intensive Workshop'

Limited to 5 ladies plus the host
(NB; not for hair-professionals/apprentices)

It involves:
Curl Presentation
Curl Chat and Q&A in a small group setting
Curl Lesson in a small group setting
Gift of a Continuous Mist Spray Bottle (or similar when this is not available) 
2 free samples or one free shipping voucher
Take-Home Notes
Product Recommendations

Product available to purchase

Allow 3.5 hours

$120 (host pays $60)

Please watch social media for announcements of any workshops, or contact me if you wish to organise one. 


6) 'Curly Hair Introductory Workshop'

Completely new to knowing what to do with your curly hair?
Unsure what this curly thing is all about, but interested to learn more? 
Want to bring your friends, your cousins, your daughter ;- along to see what you've been trying to tell them about all along?  

It involves:
Curl Presentation
Curl Demonstration on two attendees

Free Curl Trim on up to two attendees
Q & A Discussion
Take Home Notes

1 Product Sample
Product available to purchase 
Time to Curl Chat at the end with me about product recommendations and general tips. 

Allow 1-2 hours

$40 - $80 (Non-Hair-professionals) (no cost for the host)

Please watch social media for announcements of any workshops, or contact me if you wish to organise one. 


The Curl Chat

A Curl Chat is so much more than a hair consultation. I spend time in the Curl Chat to connect with you and learn about your curl journey so far. I want to hear everything that you feel is relevant for me to hear - the good bad and the ugly.  I want to know what your hair struggles have been, where you've come from in your curly journey, and where you'd like to head towards. Curl to curl, your stories may well be some of the same as mine! We'll laugh, we'll possibly cry, then laugh again, but one thing for sure, we will enjoy our curl chat and you will feel heard by a fellow curly who understands curly life. 

We'll also look at your hair! Making an assessment of the curl patterns on your head is of primary importance before I begin to cut.

Each head of hair is so unique, and there may be a combination, or areas of textures quite different from one another on one head of hair.

...Establishing which curls live where, which ones are 'crouching curls' hidden from sight under the 'canopy', and which ones drop loosely by the end of the day. Establishing which sections get more coiled as the days go on after your wash day, and which ones frizz more openly. Establishing which curl familes are more thirsty and which are more hydrated...  Lorraine Massey (author of 'Curly Girl: The Handbook', and founder of Curly World) who I first trained under, says that it's like organic gardening. You observe the garden and seeing what it wants to do and what it needs, then set about facilitating that. 

The Curl Cut

Explanation of texturised curls versus curls left intactEvery curly girl deserves a proper curly cut. And every curl deserves a happy ending. Curls that have a happy ending and haven't been sliced, carved or 'texturised' can be shaped into a flattering shape that shows off your unique natural texture to the world. I will never cut inside the interior of your hair and thin it, debulk it or attempt to razor your curl pattern with scissors. I do not cut at intervals down the length of your curls. Every curl deserves a happy ending where the curls are left intact.

I'm the only NZer to have been CurlyWorld trained in the CurlByCurlTM method for cutting and styling and the Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey. All mentions of Curl by Curl used here, on my site, in my social media and in person are in reference to the US Trademark - Serial Number: 87576706, Registration: Number 5662448, Word Mark: “CURL BY CURL” owned by Lorraine Massey. 

There are several factors about a Curl Cut that I need you to know... 

  • On your head of hair there may be two or more curl textures. There may be loose waves, tight coils, ringlets, zig-zag and even straighter curl patterns. You might be 3a curl pattern underneath and 3c on top. Or you might be 2c for the majority of your hair, but 3c around your face. Look underneath and you might have 4a coils next to 3a loosies. 

  • When you're ready to embrace your natural texture and have freed yourself from the straighteners and blow-frying, it's obvious that you will wear it in it's natural state, and you will wear it dry.  

  • Wet hair is capable of presenting itself stretched and doesn't give a true indication of how it sits if it were not wet.

If I were to cut your loose waves that sit right next to your coiled ringlets the same length while wet and pulled straight, what would you have when it was dry? If I were to straighten your coiled ringlet undergrowth and straighten your looser canopy areas and cut them according to the straightened length, what would you have when it was allowed back to it's natural formation? 

It is for this reason that curly hair should be cut while the hair is dry, in it's natural formations, not stretched or pulled with a comb, not straightened with straighteners, not teased into a bush, not wet from a wash, not sprayed wet, not clippered, not razored, and not according to a template designed for straight hair.

It is for the same reason that a curl cut will most likely not look good if you choose to straighten your hair at a later point. That looser wavy section that I cut right next to that tighter coiled section, to blend and flow when worn naturally, will look uneven when worn straight. 

A Curl Cut is designed to show off your curls to the world, so when you're 100% ready to commit to being your best curly self, it's time to book! (Preparation notes for an appointment are below).

The Curl Detox/Treatment

Most likely you will have a build-up if you've been using sulphates, silicones, parabens, mineral oils and/or waxes. These can make getting much needed moisture to your thirsty curls very difficult. If you've been applying raw oils and butters to your hair it may be even harder. Even some products that fit within the broad criteria of 'Curly Girl-friendly' can build-up. Some more than others. Your hair may also be very thirsty, in which case a detox/treatment may be needed during the cleansing and hydrating stage.

The Curl Lesson

Flip the traditional hair appointment model on it's head and you get closer to what an appointment with a curl specialist looks like.

As a curly, have you ever exited the salon with any of the following...

  • Straightened hair 'for a treat'?

  • Disappointingly frizzy, crispy, wisped or blown-apart strands, only to rush home and re-wet it and style it again yourself?

  • Beautiful, defined, juicy curls that you still have no idea how to create again next time you wash your hair? 

Get ready to be empowered!

Based on the practises of curl specialists around the globe, part and parcel of having a great haircut for curls is you leaving the appointment with beautiful curls according to your curl potential AND the hands on learning of how to manage your natural texture successfully yourself. So, up out of the chair! Get ready to finally be shown what to do!

During a Curl Lesson you will learn how to cleanse, hydrate, apply product, prepare for drying, and dry your hair. It is hands-on learning. You won't be in the chair. You'll be up and about, fully involved, just as you will need to be when you take the reins in your own home. 

Cleansing, Hydration, Styling & Drying

Cleansing, hydrating and styling your hair involves certain techniques and not others, and it involves certain products (more specifically certain ingredients) and not others. Following 'The Curly Girl Method' and synthesizing all that I've learned so far, your hair will be cleansed, hydrated and styled ready for drying and completion of a beautiful head of hair according to your own curl potential.

Keep an open mind!

Your curls, depending on how far along you are on the curl journey, may pop with excitement at being hydrated and soak up everything good in it's path, or they may be need more TLC to show their true potential. It's both an immediate and a long-term journey, so don't be discouraged if your waves don't become the childhood curls you know you once had, overnight.

Also, no matter how hard we try, sometimes those waves don't become ringlets, and those ringlets you have won't become waves. Your curl patterns and textures are unique to you. It is my job to get the best out of them on that day. As we won't be over-riding or hiding your natural texture, the outcome will be what the curls wish to be, at that time.

If you have a Curl Lesson component in your appointment you will be taught in a hands-on way all of the above. If you do not have a Curl Lesson component in your appointment it is because you will have already had a Curl Lesson with me at an earlier time or because you have already attended one of my Curl Workshop Intensives.

Product Recommendations, Take-Home Notes & Personalised Lesson Summary 

The products I use are the ones that I stock in my online store Curls Naturally. And the products I stock are ones trusted and used by both curl specialists, curl specialist trainers and curlies alike, around the world. They are not brands that you may be familiar with if you're expecting salon brand names. They are trusted and high-performing products however and you are welcome to google them to find out more.

With high-quality, botanically-derived ingredients that nourish and hydrate curls, you're likely to notice and feel a significant difference if you are used to using cheaper alternatives, even if their ingredients fit within the parameters of being compatible with the CGMethod.

I select which ones feel most appropriate for your hair, your lifestyle and your hair goals. 

The take-home notes I give you are for your reference. Read them in conjunction with Lorraine Massey's 'Curly Girl:The Handbook' if you can. My notes offer a NZ perspective and synthesise all that I've learnt on this curl journey since starting out. 

Your Personalised Lesson Summary has all that we covered in the Curl Lesson, so is specific to you.



Based on the practises of curl specialists around the globe these appointment preparation notes are for your curls' benefit as well as for the best use of our time together.

Please don't use any lathering shampoo between now and your appointment.
Simply wash using a conditioner that is free from silicones, mineral oils, waxes and parabens.
Delete the direct use of butters and oils, or the use of products where butters and oils are the main ingredient/s. 
Arrive with your hair 100% dry.
Do not tie, pin, clip or wrap your curls up or back as this interferes with your natural curl pattern.  
If you need to, just style with minimal styling product (and styling with conditioner is often a good idea).
Ensure that you have detangled, with your fingers, using the conditioner and plenty of water, ahead of your appointment. (If you have serious, I mean serious detangling issues due to silicone, paraffin wax and mineral oil build-up, please feel free to have a confidential chat ahead of time).
Allow plenty of time. ("Never rush a Curl Cut" - Lorraine Massey) And drying your hair to fully dry to where we can break the cast (if you want one) can take time.
Please do your best to relax into your appointment. My jokes are terrible, but I'm a great educator and I'm very good at zen if that's what you need most ;)


Auckland cutting trips x 3 = DONE ~ Wellington cutting trips x 2 DONE ~ Palmerston North cutting trip x 1 DONE
Curl Event in New Plymouth for local curlfriends = IN PLANNING
Curl Events in Nelson x 2 = DONE
Stylist Curl Education for salons (Cambridge, Hamilton, Plimmerton, Wellington, Nelson) = DONE
Completion of Curly Hair Artistry CHAMP course = GETTING T'HAIR!
Facebook Live session with Lorraine Massey = DONE
Over 150 Free 15 min Curl Chats done during lockdown = DONE
Facebook Live sessions with other curl specialists and curl specialist trainers around the world = DONE
Official Wholesale status for Clever Curl and EverEscents = DONE
Completion of Curl Cutting & Styling course by Evan Joseph Education = DONE
Shadowing curl specialists in Australia for more training = COVID-PAUSED
Attend Lorraine Massey's CurlyWorld Training in Australia again and take stylists with me = COVID-PAUSED
Bringing recognised Curl Specialist cutting training here to NZ = COVID-PAUSED
Open a dedicated salon space for The Curl Next Door in New Plymouth = IN PROGRESS!
...and many more plans!


(Finickety stuff: This Information Page and it's contents are the result of personal unpaid time, passion, commitment and hard-work while I was a non-hair-professional. Please respect this and do not copy or reproduce at will. Now that I am a hair-professional my commitment to raising the bar in the salon industry in NZ for curlies is as high as it was when I was a non-hair-professional. Current as of July 2020, until revised or revoked.) 

I trust that all the information you need is here to begin your curl journey alongside me, in whatever capacity you need it.

Best Curly Regards,
Donna, The Curl Next Door.

Memo from 1 January 2020.

From just a girl next door to becoming a person whom curlies seek out for their Curl Cuts, lessons and training advice…? How did it happen?

Well, come on my curly journey with me and I’ll explain…

Over the years I've shared the same tears & fears that many curlies have had and in 2018 I'd been in a frustrating 25 year cycle of pixie-to-shoulder-and-back-again, when I discovered 'The Curly Girl Method' by Lorraine Massey after deciding to grow my hair 'One Last Time' before I hit the age of 50.

July 2018 – made a personal commitment to just let my curls ‘be’.
Aug 2018 – joined the facebook group called 'Curly Girls NZ', bought Lorraine Massey’s book ‘Curly Girl; The Handbook’ and discovered the massive online curl community on the internet.
Nov 2018 – completed Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist online course for curlies to learn how to style their hair. 
Nov 2018 – discovered and researched the fast-growing niche of Curl Specialists & Curl Educators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia.
Nov 2018 – began the Curl Specialist Hair Stylists in NZ - Training Info & Directory NZ page on Facebook with a view to bringing this information in front of NZ stylists and raising the bar of what could be expected from a curly cut in NZ as well as a providing a directory of stylists in NZ who had done such training.
Dec 2018 – completed Scott Musgrave’s Curly Hair Artistry online course to learn the MapMethod of product application and curl care
Dec 2018 – saw the need to have a dedicated social media presence to connect directly with curl specialists and the international community online, and to bring the international curl movement into open view in NZ. Trust me when I say, at the age of 49, I didn't chose the selfie-life. The selfie-life chose me ;) 
Dec 2018 – messaged all trainers, including Lorraine Massey at CurlyWorld, knowing change was required in NZ, and seeking their advice. All were keen, and still are, to come to NZ.
Dec 2018 – began to be asked by women in NZ to teach them what to do and sought the advice of Lindsay Wilson of Curls Only who was pioneering this in Australia. Found out that Lindsay, as Admin of Curly Girls Australia had the same ultimate vision for Australia as I did for NZ, and that was to make a change from grassroots upwards on multiple levels.
Feb 2019 – began taking bookings for Curl Lessons. Found myself teaching women in their homes, how to do the CGMethod and how to style their curls. Also began fielding interest from stylists, but interest was limited and no CG-friendly product availability in NZ was a barrier. Communications with Lorraine and other trainers continued.
May 2019 – completed Desert Curls by Loni Jean online course
May 2019 – after chatting with Lindsay Wilson she encouraged me to open an online store stocking CG friendly products and to hang on in there with regards to training for NZ...
June 2019 – Lindsay Wilson pulled it off! Lorraine Massey CurlyWorld and Saulo O’Deorain The Curly Look were coming to Australia in Nov to train stylists! This meant that the potential for bringing Lorraine to NZ was even closer – a CurlbyCurlTM Workshop for stylists in NZ? A Curl Event in NZ?
June 2019 – had a screen face-to-face meeting with Saulo which was pretty cool! Contacted the NZARH to introduce them to the CGMethod, Lorraine Massey and the opportunities for NZ stylists available now so close! Meanwhile, back over in Australia Lorraine’s classes became fully booked by Australian stylists almost as soon as they were announced.
July 2019 – had a screen face-to-face meet & greet with Meg Conkling 'Curly Hair Alchemist' which was pretty cool also!
July 2019 - opened Curls Naturally online store stocking quality brands used and loved by curl specialist trainers and curlies alike.
Aug 2019 - Curl Lessons turned into being asked to do provide Curl Workshops. Jackie Moore of Acapella Hair stood up strongly to join my Curl Specialist Hair Stylists in NZ - Training Info & Directory page and complete training from there.
Sept 2019 - more Curl Workshops – Cambridge Klova & Co Hairdressing, New Plymouth CutAbove Salon, Wellington, Auckland, North Shore. So grassroots, so much work, so much fun, so exhausting, so rewarding. Always open and transparent with Lorraine and her fantastic CurlyWorld team. Megan Shepherd Klova & Co Hairdressing stood up strongly to join my Curl Specialist Hair Stylists in NZ - Training Info & Directory and complete training from there.
Sept 2019 – after preliminary discussions for a Curl Event for NZ, Lorraine switched the conversation up a notch and said to me one day how about I come to Sydney and get trained by her in CurlbyCurlTM cutting and styling. OMG💥
Oct 2019 - completed Meg Conkling's Curly Hair Alchemist online course.
Nov 2019 – I became the first NZer to be Curly World trained by Lorraine Massey in #CurlbyCurlTM cutting and #CGMethod. And within the space of 3 workshops, Lindsay had taken Australia from a tiny handful of curl specialists trained by Lorraine Massey, to 30 odd (including 1 very proud kiwi 🥰)
Nov – Dec 2019 - I came back to NZ and began offering free Curl Cuts and Curl Lessons in order to practice, practice, practice and advance the CGMethod in NZ with proper techniques and certification.
Dec 2019 – began operating as a mobile curl specialist, NZ-wide, fielding s.o.s. calls from all over NZ.
Dec 2019 – enrolled in Scott Musgrave’s Curly Hair Artistry CHAMP course for stylists and eyeing up the next courses to complete after that.
Jan 2020 – many plans being marked to my diary - including the arrrival of CurlyWorld products to Curls Naturally, adding myself to the Curl Specialists Page🙏, implementing an appointment booking system, guest appearances by the Queen of curls herself, Lorraine Massey and other trainers and curl specialists to deliver top-shelf information (online, and who knows – maybe in person!), more personal training and development for myself as The Curl Next Door, the creation of a dedicated salon space here in NP for appointments with The Curl Next Door, more trips to do cutting and workshops tba, and stylist training offerings for NZ in 2020.

Walk with me on this curly path. 👣👣👣
In whatever capacity it speaks to you, come on board! 🌀❤️

What brings you here?
What’s the nature of your curl journey so far?
Tell me a little about your curly self...

xx Donna