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People of curl and the stylists who desire to serve them, deserve a curl infrastructure in NZ that delivers excellence on all levels. 

Drawing from my experience as the inaugurable wholesale distributor for Clever Curl products into NZ in 2020, a niche of curl specialists was able to be birthed, nurtured and expanded.

Coming from the grass-roots up and successfully working as NZ’s first internationally-trained curl specialist stylist, curl educator, curl product retailer and ex-wholesaler, I have trained curl specialists and stylists across NZ since post-lockdown 2020.

As of April 2024, due to important family reasons, I have chosen to focus less on travelling to train stylists, and more on my own salon clients and online shop customers. While still available for stylist education in the future, for now I am proud to say that the establishment of a sustainable curl infrastructure in Aotearoa-NZ, that will benefit the generations of curls to come, has been achieved.   

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The Curl Next Door

I’d been searching for new training and inspiration for a while. Having curly hair myself I was totally able to relate to everything Donna has to offer.

I spent 2 fully loaded days training in curly hair with Donna, who has so much knowledge and inspiration to give! I came away feeling fully ignited, inspired, raring to go and wanting more! Her enthusiasm and knowledge is enlightening, I can not thank her enough!!
‘One on one’ training is definitely the way to go. It’s hands on and you retain so much more.

-Vicki Carr, Nelson

In NZ, I have a unique perspective and insight into the needs and desires of the curly population.

As a grassroots curly seeing a great need, to then establishing an infrastructure to support the birth and carefully-stewarded growth of this niche, to then also become trained by the world’s leading curl educators who are known and trusted by the global grassroots curl communities, I straddle and support both sides of the divide.

Traditional stylist training does not cover the specialised methods often sought by those with curly hair, and the mainstream salon experience is not known among people of curl for meeting the needs of the curly client, who are increasingly knowledgeable about products, ingredients, cutting techniques, and styling methods tailored to their unique textures—often surpassing industry knowledge.

Curly-haired consumers in New Zealand are willing to go to great lengths for the services of a curl specialist, sometimes even traveling across the country or abroad in the pre-Covid era. The influence of social media has made them well-versed in the global curl community’s trends and experts, making them keen on finding stylists who truly understand and embrace texture inclusivity.

Stylists are now recognizing this demand and actively seeking training opportunities within this niche. My primary role in educating stylists is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet these expectations, enabling you to confidently deliver sustainable and beautiful outcomes for all your curly clients.

Please email me at, to discuss the applicable section below.

The Curl Next Door

What an amazing experience!

My training with Donna was not only thorough, informative and inspiring, it was delivered with such passion and enthusiasm. I left with a wealth of curly knowledge, confidence and excitement for curls like never before. Thank you Donna, you are an incredibly passionate curl friend.

-Jeanette Cork, Woodbine Studios.


Held in my salon or yours, this One To One Intensive Immersion Workshop covers the following topics in-depth, and is designed to have you confidently meeting and exceeding curly clients’ expectations with a variety of textures, needs and densities.

If we establish that this is the right educational opportunity for you, we can discuss scheduling and booking via email. Upon confirmation of your booking we begin with two Orientation Video Calls.

Two Orientation Video Calls:
These give us the time needed to cover relevant historical developments of this niche, the current context of curls internationally, the expectations of the curly consumer, and your preparations for the training.

1 Evening & 2 Day Intensive Immersion Workshop covers:

  • How to conduct multiple, specific, thorough Curl Consultations
  • How to do Curl Cuts, appropriate to the texture structure, density, lifestyle and desire of the curl client
  • How to cleanse and hydrate differing textures and densities
  • How to select and apply products that are available in NZ
  • How to prepare the hair for drying and how to dry differing textures and densities, and for differing outcomes
  • How to unpack the experience for the client
  • How to take great Befores & Afters, building a portfolio of work, for use in social media and promotions.

Three Follow-Up Zoom Meetings cover:

  • The building of a portfolio of your work
  • Feedback and discussion of portfolio
  • Further discussion of products
  • Structuring appointment flow
  • Service menu structure
  • Social media planning for launch upon completion
  • Any other strategy that you may need support for.

2 x Orientation Video Calls
1 Pre-Immersion Observation Session
2 Day Intensive Immersion Workshop
3 x Look + Learns (2 are shadowing)
6 x Subsequent Model Sittings
9 x Different Hair Experiences in Total
3 x Follow-Up Zoom Meetings

If you were wanting to go into doing fully inclusive curl services as a curl specialist, this is my recommended level of education.


  • Upon completion of these requirements, you will receive a Certificate of Completion relevant to the Education you’ve taken.
  • You will have the opportunity to go onto my Curl Specialists Directory in NZ on Facebook. 
  • You will have the opportunity to have social media promotion on my The Curl Next Door Facebook and/or Instagram Pages.

$3250 excl GST

Travel costs and accommodation not included in cost and are to be covered by you. 

To begin your enquiry, please contact me to book an Exploration Call.

Prices current at Jan 2024.