Donna The Curl Next Door

NZ Curl Specialist

Hi, I’m Donna, ‘The Curl Next Door’.

I’m passionate about curls and making curly life better for NZ curlies. 

I’m a curl specialist confidently creating beautiful curl cuts and education for your unique curly, wavy or tight curly path a’head.

And I’m a curlpreneur retailing proven, curl-friendly, curly hair products online at Curls Naturally.

In 2018, seeing that a curl infrastructure was needed to meet the needs of curls now and for generations to come, I had a giant goal:

To build a Curl Infrastructure in NZ.

Establishing the first stylist directory in NZ for curlies to find specialists educated in curls, and for stylists to find information on the most sought after curl education in the english-speaking world, was the first step. Opening an online curly hair products shop with the widest variety of first-to-NZ products was the next. Wholesaling Clever Curl and EverEscents products to salons came next. And providing comprehensive stylist curl education in response to the demand from the grassroots and stylists alike was the final step in the big build!

Now, 10’s of 1000’s of curlfriends are enjoying the results.

Curl friends across NZ are able to find and enjoy the services of stylists providing curl-centric experiences.

Stylists and Curl Specialists across the motu are flourishing and growing in their own right.

My online shop at Curls Naturally where I retail proven, curl-friendly hair products, continues to grow.

And my own salon clients have become like wonderful old friends to me, having cheered me on through these curl acheivements and vice versa me to theirs. 

And I’m applauding You, Us, All!

With my natural flair for curl love and a commitment to inclusivity and excellence, I offer a unique perspective in NZ and look forward to walking this curly path with YOU!

Donna The Curl Next Door
The Curl Next Door
Curl Stylist NZ


Hi Curl Friend! As a Curl Specialist it is my privilege to partner with you, wherever you’re at on your curl journey. 

I take immense pride in creating beautiful, fulfilling curl cuts for curl friends with naturally curly, wavy or coily hair, responding to your unique natural texture, and building your curl confidence along the way. 

Whether you need a literal curl intervention, or are a confident curl already, I’m here for you.

How good, and how empowering to finally find each other! 

Stylist Info

Coming from the grass-roots up and successfully working as a NZ’s first internationally-trained curl specialist stylist, curl educator, curl product retailer and ex-wholesaler, I have trained curl specialists and stylists across NZ since post-lockdown 2020.

My core role, when educating stylists, has been to equip you with the understanding and skills required to meet this demand, empowering you to deliver confident, sustainable and beautiful outcomes across the board for your curly clients.

Curl stylist
Curly Hair Tips


Walk through my visual library of resources and download everything you need for the journey a’head. 

Just starting out? Download some free resources or level up by getting yourself a copy of my E-Guide “Curls : Next Level ‘ Every Curl’s E-Guide to Understanding The Essential Elements of Hair”. 

After reading that, watch for the addition of my ‘Curls : Advanced’ and ‘Curls: Pro’ to come, specific to your hair’s essential elements.  

Each resource is jam-packed with tips, techniques and insight, designed to help you level up that curl game of yours! 


Shop online

Hooray for curl products that actually work!

Shop online at my store, Curls Naturally, for high quality, water-soluble products for wavy, kinky, coily & curly hair.

It’s NZ’s first online curl shop supported and backed up by my work as an internationally-trained Curl Specialist in Aotearoa, NZ.

CurlyWorld, Cabela™, Ouidad™, Clever Curl, EverEscents, Innersense, Bouclème, Ecoslay, LOHY, NYC Curls™, Jessircurl™, Trepadora, Uncle Funky’s Daughter, TeeOwels & more. 

100% supportive of The Curly Girl Method, the Map Method, and the Cut It Kinky process, with additional notes from my perspective as a curl specialist using the products on my clients’ and my curly hair.

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